Cultivate a healthy workplace.

Employee wellbeing includes physical and mental health, and can also include financial aspects. Research shows that creating a healthy workplace can enhance employee wellbeing, reduce absenteeism and improve productivity.

We help companies to develop their strategy, then deliver a coordinated employee education and support plan, and monitor its effectiveness. In our experience, a blend of online and face-to-face services will reap rewards over the short and long-term.

Inject energy into the ‘Pulse’ of your business.

Our wide range of services include:

For Employers

  •  Review of existing strategy
  •  Assessment of Private Medical insurance
  •  Assessment of Health Cash Plan schemes
  •  Surveys to guage employee’s awareness of health matters
  •  Company wide health checks
  •  Workshop training for managers

For Employees

  •  Onsite health checks
  •  Online wellbeing assessments
  •  Educational workshops and seminars
  •  Monthly wellness newsletter

partnership with healthy performance.

Our partnership with Healthy Performance, a leader in the field of Health & Wellbeing, allows us to offer a unique array of solutions. The process begins with a review of your employees, to determine the health aspects causing the greatest concern. We use this information to create a structured and coordinated plan, then measure progress each year.

​Download our 2019 Health and Wellbeing Calendar to see the awareness days we can promote throughout the year, following a review of your organisation. You can also view examples of our newsletters using the links below.

individual health checks and assessments.

Online wellbeing (‘lifestyle’) and stress related health checks are an effective way to improve employee engagement with health matters. Employees gain a clear picture of their health, both in and out of the workplace, and any areas of risk or concern.

Our online health checks take just ten minutes to complete, for a personalised and confidential report. And when twenty or more employees complete the check, you receive a report anonymously summarising key areas of potential health risk. This insight can invaluable when designing a structured educational programme.

We offer health education via an online video library and information centre, as well as a variety of seminars and webinars for training in areas of particular importance. If you would like to dive deeper, we can also arrange onsite health assessments, in your workplace, by qualified clinicians.

looking after your back.

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protecting your heart.

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workplace mental health.

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